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Elizabeth Anne Kennedy is known for her vibrant paintings that feature bold colors and expressive creations.  She is a nature lover and has a passion for painting the everyday beauty surrounding each of us. Her inspiration comes from the simple and intense splendor captured in a moment of time. 


Having had her paintings featured at various venues throughout Southern California, she has won several awards for her creative masterpieces.  Each canvas is approached with love and excitement, being open to receive the whispers of creativity. Her hope is that people will connect with the animals, flowers, and the abundant awesomeness of nature that she enjoys bringing to life on the canvas one brushstroke or dot at a time.

Elizabeth earned her Bachelor of Science in Electronics Management from Southern Illinois University. She is also a published author; her stories are listed under the books section.

Married with two adult children, Elizabeth lives a joy-filled life in the picturesque beach community of Seal Beach, California. When she is not painting, she enjoys reading, writing, and bike riding at the beach with her husband Carl and playing with her grandpups. 

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